A peer to peer marketplace for you to buy and sell within your community.


Register with facebook or by email. All users will have profiles so you know at all times who you are dealing with.


All we need is a few pictures of what you want to sell, a description, and a price. Pedal will take care of the marketing and advertising for you. Sell what you don't want anymore, and find what you need.


Pedal values safety and security above all else. You will know who you are engaging in market transactions with from the start. Profiles, user ratings, and location services will help you make appropriate judgement calls. The powerful Balanced payments system guarantees secure and timely payments.

Let's keep in touch.

Introduce yourself to us here. If you have any suggestions or feedback for Pedal, please send us an email at!

We are on the lookout for mobile developers, so contact us if you want to make history with Pedal.